"Rockin' American Pride"

2006 Georgia Horse Council Youth Champion Drill Team

Members on horse back: Dusty Jones,Stephen Dennis,Lauren Dennis,Cameron Brinton, Emilee Brinton, Jodie Jones

 Jodie and Dusty Jones,Emilee Brinton, Lauren and Stephen Dennis, and Cameron Brinton

Drill Teams are all about team work. Riders and horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines work together to perform manuvers set to music. Any theme or costume can be used.  To compete it takes alot of dedication and practice.


I have coached and performed on several Drill Teams. One of the last teams I coached was the Rockin' American Pride. It was very memorable for me because I had the pleasure of competing and riding with my teenage son, Dusty.  The team carried full sized American flags and performed at the county fair and won the Geiorgia Horse Council's regional Drill teams Youth Championship.


Several teams I coached where 4-H teams with younger 4-H members. A team representing Breezy Acres Farm used the survivor theme with teaky torches.The American Frontier team was very unique and had handmade Daniel Boone outfits. I have coached youth teams with a variety of themes including circus, rodeo, frontier, hippies with tye dye, and a Quadrille called Wildthangs, many teams represented american pride and carried a variety of flags. The very first Drill team competed at the Horse Fair in Perry Georgia and  wore neon green and hot pink. 


Enjoy looking at the Drill teams.  I enjoyed coaching them! 

Last Drill Team at the County Fair-  Daniel Archer on Indy, David Archer on Brat, Hunter Kirbow on Rebel, Dusty Jones on Jackie, Oaisis Davis on Tonto, Emilee Brinton on LJ, Megan Smith on Emma

 Coweta County 4-H Ready to Ride

"Blueberry Bunch"

Team:Chelse Dawson, Dusty Jones, Rebecca Miolen,Oasis Davis, Laura Massengill, Amanda Bishop

Assistants:Brigette Jones,Mandy Robinson,Phillip Kaufman,Steven Robinson

 Quadrille "Ready To Ride - Forever Young"

Team members: Ron Jones,Brigette Jones, Marian Gallati, Jodie Jones

 American Frontier

Members: Front row; Lauren Dennis, Joy Brownsworth, Emilee Brinton,

Back row; Sean McCaughey,Stephen Dennis, Oasis Davis

Quadrille - "American Pride"

Team members: Katy Kribow, Dusty Jones,Cameron Brinton, Laura Massengill

Flag Bearers: Brigette Jones, Hunter Kirbow


 "Ready To Ride"

Team mebers: Front row; Emilee Brinton,Oasis Davis,Hunter Kirbow

Back Row; Cameron Brinton,Dane Beatenbough,Jessica Lee, Dusty Jones,Katy Kribow,Christy Smith

 Quadrille - "Wild Thangs"

Members: Megan Smith, Ron Jones, Laura Massengill,Rebecca Miolen

 Breezy Acres "Survivors"

Team members: Dusty Jones, Laura Massengil, Katy Kirbow, Oasis Davis ,

 Michelle and Ashley Wright,

 Megan Smith, Rebecca Miolen

 Emilee and Cameron Brinton

"Forever Young" 

First drill team included members form nine to forty.

 Jodie Jones, Mandy Robinson, Kimmie Fryman, Lindsay Hale, Jessica Gallati, Amanda Fryman, Amber Griffin, Brigette Jones, Marian Gallati, and Dusty Jones  

 Brigette Jones, Marian Gallati

 Dusty Jones, Marain Gallati,Brigette Jones, Amber Griffin, Jessica Gallti

Jodie Jones, Kimmie Fryman,Lindsey Hale, Jessica Gallati, Amanda Fryman, Brigette Jones, Amber Griffin,

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